Atlas Competence Management… the next level

The Atlas Competence Programme (ACP) has been in place for over two years and is based on IMCA guidelines. It offers Freelance Consultants the option to further demonstrate their competence to clients for particular roles, adding more substance to a CV and certification. The ACP is an assessment based scheme where Professionals are required to carry out a number of tasks and gather information, which is then verified following strict processes and if successful, the professional has their competence assured. 

The next level

After the initial trial and full implementation of the competence assurance path into the Survey and more recent ROV business line, Atlas is ready to go to the next level! Throughout 2018 we will be expanding the ACP to other business lines within the Atlas family. “With the expansion - to amongst other certain back deck and Seismic crew functions - we can even better meet our client requirements from a safety, legal, tender and end-client point of view”, says Dingena Peddie-Theunisse, Competence Manager at Atlas Professionals. “We will drive and further motivate and support our professionals in going through the competence assurance process, further confirming they are the best candidate for the job”. 

Programmed Marine

Having the four Programmed Marine offices added to our global network is invaluable for Atlas for many reasons, not in the least for Competence Management. Programmed Marine has invested a great deal of knowledge and time in creating the basis for a diligent Competence Management Programme in the drilling industry. In 2018 we will develop the programme adding value to both our Clients and the professionals who choose for us to represent them.  

More information

Above improvements are just part of the comprehensive expansion plan Atlas has lined up for 2018. Soon more information about competence will be shared. Would you like to know more or enroll to the ACP? Please contact us on