Next step in Competence Management

July 27, 2018 - cmulder

Competence Management and Competence Assurance is increasingly important from a safety, commercial and legal point of view. Atlas Professionals has been addressing this issue for several years and recently it took the next step in competence management; the next release of the Atlas Competence Programme (ACP). Read More
Exciting Developments in the Atlas Competence Programme

February 20, 2018 - cmulder

Atlas was already the first agency operating an easily accessible, quality driven and partly automated Competence Management Programme. The Atlas Competence Programme (ACP) is now fully integrated into the Atlas Quality Management System (QMS) and is audited and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008. Read More
Atlas Competence Management… the next level

December 20, 2017 - cmulder

The Atlas Competence Programme has been in place for a good two years. This IMCA guidelines based programme offers Atlas professionals the option to further assure their competence by means of an assessment. They carry out a number of tasks to complete which are verified. If the verification outcome is positive, the professional is assured. Read More