A niche specialist with cutting-edge knowledge

Our mission

We offer a complete range of specialist recruitment & HR services for the Energy and Marine industries. For an Energy and Marine sector that always looks towards the next frontier. And for the Energy and Marine specialists with the talent and determination to get there.

Our values

  1. We know our business
    Our expert personnel are experienced professionals who pay attention to detail.
  2. We conduct business with integrity
    We are honest, transparent and comply with local laws and regulations. Our top priority is ensuring health and safety at work, while respecting the environment.
  3. We are pro-active
    We take the initiative, find solutions, and focus on our customers' needs.
  4. We keep our promises
    We are a dependable partner; what we promise, we deliver.
  5. We are responsible
    We conduct our business in a responsible manner and are accountable for our actions and results.
  6. We are open and straightforward
    We encourage open communication; we listen and express our views. We are unambiguous.
  7. We invest in people
    We continually train and guide our professionals. We encourage personal development.